Market Development Services

(Distributors, importers, B2B customers, licensees)

MA provides multiple tiers of market-development-centric lead generation services. A lot of our lead generation effort for SMEs and economic development agencies involve identifying distributors, importers, B2B customers and licensees for consumer products as well as industrial products.

In addition to providing qualified leads and introductions to local market participants, we facilitate market visits for companies from North America, Europe and other parts of the world that wish to conduct fact finding missions to Asian markets and meet with potential distributors and retail partners.

For economic development agencies and trade bodies, not only do we provide industry sector reports and briefings, but also help organize inbound trade missions, both at an individual level as well as group missions.

"AMA has worked with brands big and small and therefore able to tailor the findings to individual client needs."

AMA has significant experience working with overseas investment attraction agencies seeking foreign direct investment from key Asian geographies such as India, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. For investment promotion agencies as well as fast-growing medium sized firms seeking market representation in key Asian markets, AMA provides dedicated personnel on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis to help with market development efforts in the target country.

Other Services: